Whale Watching Capital of Oregon

Welcome to Depoe Bay

Our new project, “Save the OCEAN “ is our effort to clean up 40 miles of ocean coastline from debris before it hits the beaches. The main problem is that this stuff has to drift through Gray Whale summer feeding grounds which is from shore out to about a mile during summer. Most of it is PLASTIC.  We cannot clean up the whole ocean but will do what we can to protect our Oregon sea life. If we can intercept a lot of this garbage it will not become a whale, sea lion, seal and sea bird diet that is deadly to these unsuspecting animals.  We plan to be non-profit and only will solicit donations for boat and cleanup operation’s. We will also have land based beach cleanups and educational opportunities at various lookout locations for the general public. Also in the works is a video of the work featuring Gray Whales and their effort to feed successfully on the 40 mile stretch of coast.

Oregon Whale Watching. Depoe Bay is the whale watching capital on the Oregon coast. Depoe Bay is your destination for all Gray Whales on the Oregon Coast. Hosted by Marine Mammal Naturalist with 37 years experience. 

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